Welcome to Moon Mantra’s new website!

I am honored and excited to bring you this unique type of natural healing. My name is Jade Oglesby and I live in Austin, Texas. I have always been inspired and intrigued by nature’s amazing way of creating healing components; specifically plant medicines, flowering tops, salts, clays, gems and minerals.  I call these elements ‘Earth Magic,” as myself and many others have (for centuries) revered these plant & earth medicines as natural magic.

We have the amazing ability to heal and harmonize our minds, bodies and spirits when we incorporate these natural  healing elements into our daily lives.

I love creating custom oils, massage oils, mists, bath soaks, candles & oil pendants; so if you would like something like that made contact me via email and we can create it.

This is my Gift to the World, my dream enacted, my Light in the Dark

Happy Healing to you & yours,

Jade Oglesby,

Moon Mantra Healing