The Piscean Full Moon Agora 9.9.2014


In light of the many facets of healing & helping that vibrate around Austin Texas, myself & my dear friend Corinne Welder of Dragon Blossom Acupuncture have organized a most splendid full moon event for this month!

We know how truly blessed we are to live in a town where natural healing & healthy living are flourishing; a place where more people than ever before, are turning to natural healing modalities such as naturopathy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, massage, cranial sacral & much more to heal themselves. Attention and intention are being placed into dietary choices like What we are eating and Where it is coming from. It is a truly exciting and activated time to be alive and to be a small, natural healing business.

For myself, Moon Mantra has become not just products I create and sell; but a way of life; a walk on this path and ultimately one of my contributions to the Healing, Wellness & Awareness within society.  Through crystal infused perfume oils, pain-relieving massage oils, full moon-charged bath soaks, body mists, body butters, candles & more; I send out into the Universe little parts of my heart with each potion. I am wildly honored to be able to be this vessel; this instrument of a unique healing path I have poured my heart into.

Of the multitude of things I have to be grateful for, one of them is most certainly this inspiring community of co-creators, inventors & healers. I see this rise of young Lightworkers just beginning to walk their path (myself included,) and I think ‘Now this is something to celebrate; to promote. ‘ Thus, The Piscean Full Moon Agora was born.

This gathering under a Full Moon & Super Moon is our way of celebrating the Lunar magic & lifting up one another’s gifts & talents. We will have a Full Moon Altar and all are welcome to bring a little something to contribute to the altar. We will also have an area set up for writing down our Moon Intentions (goals) for the next month, as well as; what we are Grateful for. And there’s more!

This fabulous event is FREE and it is at The Center Spot home of dance, yoga & fitness of North Loop Blvd. (link below)

~List of Vendors & Links Below~~~~

Moon Mantra Healing


Dragon Blossom Acupuncture & Wellness Practice


ChocoSutra will be providing delicious, super food inspired chocolate creations!


Monadic Yoga With Kelly


Sound Therapy with Sean Maher of Sol Healing and Wellness Center


Austin Chair Massage with Meera


Crystal Bullets by Alice Rabbit