Blissful Light Uplifting Aromatherapeutic Crystal infused Oil with kyanite 8ml


*****Introducing Moon Mantra’s new 8ml, roll-on perfume oil bottles!*****

In a world full of marketing, media messages and propaganda it is crucial that we maintain our true intellectual being. The being that knows right from wrong and understands the beauty and sanctity of a sunset or a shooting star. Take time to hone that bright, beautiful being inside of you!

~May we always represent the sharpest, brightest and most open-minded version of ourselves.~

This deliciously fresh, handmade blend consists of grapefruit, frankincense and black pepper essential oils, organic grape seed oil, milo berry and kunzite.

Heightens intellectual focus while stimulating memory and visualization.

Scent Profile: bright, citrus, pepper-y

This blend is infused with Kyanite as a catalyst for intellectual stimulation and sharpness.

A Note about natural perfume oil:

Many ‘perfume’ oils on the market are made with fragrance oils which are made with synthetic materials, alcohols and chemicals. Many of us have used synthetically fragranced products and noticed they lacked true to earth scent profiles; aromas of real flowers, herbs and botanical elements.

Moon Mantra’s natural perfume oils contain only 100% pure, essential oils, handcrafted botanical infusions, organic carrier oils, gems & minerals. Depending on the blend, Moon Mantra uses organic grape seed, organic coconut, organic sweet almond or organic avocado oil. I like to maintain flexibility in my choice of carrier oils as some natural hues, faint aromas and textures will work well with certain botanical elements and not with others. The term ‘perfume’ is utilized because it lends itself in how to use them. By anointing your reflexology points i.e. wrists, earlobes, temples etc. with natural, pure essential oils derived of whole plant medicines; you allow yourself to smell delightful and to feel even better.

These natural elements have invigorating & healing aromas that can align and soothe our hearts & minds. This is called subtle aromatherapy. These entirely natural, healing oils do not stick to skin all day; but instead they linger subtly on the body and coexist in harmony with each person’s ecosystem. After 3-6 hours, take the time to reapply your healing perfume oil and enjoy the meditative, healing intention you have created by working in harmony with nature’s most cherished plant medicines.

Open, Smell, Uplift, Enjoy!

*Do Not Consume, External Use only
Avoid if pregnant. May cause dermatitis in some people with sensitive skin. Make sure you are educated on the use of essential oils before using. By reading and purchasing this listing, you release Moon Mantra from any liability arising out of use of this product. Use at your own risk.

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