Intro to Seven Chakras

~Intro to the Seven Major Chakras: Empowerment through Information~


So many of Moon Mantra’s blend concepts come from the realm of Chakric Healing. So, I thought it would be fun and helpful to talk a little about the Chakras.

I want to give you an overview of them and then delve a bit into each specific one.

The word ‘Chakra’ in sanskrit means wheel; conveying the idea of not only a circle but also of a turning motion; Or as I like to say a ‘churning motion’.

Basically, the energy within the Chakras is constantly revolving and turning like a beautiful wheel.

While there are actually many Chakras located in the body, for the sake of healing, meditation & visualization purposes most people focus on the seven major chakras, and so do I.

Each of our seven chakras has its own distinct vibration and relates to a particular area of human experience; from basic survival to our highest aspirations. Each chakra has several physical & mental feelings that correlate with it as well as colors, elements, essential oils, crystals, sounds etc. Each of those components allows us to work within our chakras to heal & harmonize them. You see, if we learn about each chakra and what gems, scents, sounds yoga poses (etc.) correlate with them, then we have the necessary tools to heal ourselves.

For this reason, much of what I do is educate others on the chakras when I’m representing Moon Mantra so that they can understand how my potions are to be used and what exactly they do.

The more we can learn about our energetic fields that are our chakras the more we are empowered to become our own healers and even to spread the knowledge to others.


-The Root Chakra is our first Chakra. {Muladhara}

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Connection: Birthplace, culture, foundation, roots.

Aromas: patchouli, cardamom, rosemary (always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before using on skin. Never ingest.)

here’s a link to my Chakric Healing Oil Blends infused with gems & minerals:

Sense: touch

Stones: garnet, obsidian

Mantra: ‘I am rooted in the Earth & always connected to Source.’


-The Sacral Chakra is our second Chakra {Svadhistana}

Color: orange

Element: Earth

Connection: sexuality, creativity, emotion, intuition.

Aromas: myrrh,  sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine

link to the Sacral Crystalline Oil:

Sense: taste

Stones: ruby, carnelian,

Mantra: ‘I am capable of manifesting art & joy that expresses my inner beauty. ‘


-The Solar Plexus is the third chakra. {Manipura}

Color: yellow

Element: Fire

Connection: personal power, consciousness, ‘gut feeling’

Aromas: lavender, lemongrass, peppermint

link to my Solar Plexus blend here:

Sense: taste

Stones: citrine, turquoise, golden apatite, yellow amber

Mantra: “I am inherently gifted & able to share my light with the world.’ 


-The Heart Chakra is our fourth chakra. {Anahata}

Color: green & pink

Element: Air

Connection: compassion, love, humanitarian pursuits

Aromas: clove, rose, sandalwood

Heres a link to my Heart Chakra gem infused oil roll-on

Stones: kunzite, jade, rose quartz, tourmaline

Mantra: ‘I am a vital part of the great energy exchange that is Love.’


-The Throat Chakra is our fifth chakra. {Visshudha}

Color: Blue

Element: Ether, Akasha (air, other unearthly realms)

Connection: communication, voice, spiritual growth

Aromas: basil, eucalyptus, helichrysum

link below to Moon Mantra’s Throat Chakra opening gem infusion

Sense: hearing

Stones: aquamarine, azurite

Mantra: ‘I am able to share my truths openly & allow others to do the same.’ 


-The Third Eye Chakra is our sixth chakra. {Ajna}

Color: Indigo

Element: Electricity

Connection: psychic power, guidance, higher intuition

Aromas: clary sage, rosemary, black pepper

link below to the Moon Mantra Third Eye Expansion oil blend

Sense: sight

Stones: sodalite, lapis lazuli

Mantra: ‘I am illuminated through my intuition & able to see clearly.’ 


-The Crown Chakra is our 7th chakra. {Sahasrara}

Color: Violet

Element: Cosmic Energy

Connection: highest self, shedding ego, conceptualizing ideas

Aromas: clove, lavender, sweet orange

heres a link to Moon Mantra’s gem infused Crown Chakra Blend

Sense: sight

stones: amethyst, clear quartz

Mantra: ‘I am open to miracles. I am open to the Divine.’ 


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Please email me here if you have an questions!

Let this be the beginning of an ongoing conversation and hunger for knowledge pertaining to our Seven Chakras.

Learning is Empowerment!

feel free to share this if it was helpful for you and thank you for reading!