Natural Ingredients

Utilizing only 100% pure, aroma-therapeutic grade essential oils, natural carrier oils, crystals and flowers.

Feel Rooted to Grow

Activate your inner strength & your natural self with crystal aromatherapy.

Purify & Cleanse

Let go of negative energy & align with the Divine with Moon Mantra Healing.

Nurture & Align

Heal & harmonize your Seven Chakras for an ideal physical, mental & spiritual state.

Moon Mantra Healing is a fresh culmination of botanical ingredients, crystals and other earthly treasures; designed to heal and harmonize yourself and others. In combining pure, essential oils with crystal healing we allow the movement and flow of energy throughout the whole body to align and de-stress. Moon Mantra offers Chakral healing perfume oils, pain-relieving massage oils, body mists, bath soaks, oil pendants and much more! Happy Healing in Light & in Love, Moon Mantra

The Piscean Full Moon Agora 9.9.2014

PISCEAN FULL MOON AGORA: CELEBRATING THE FULL MOON IN PISCES WITH COMMUNITY & CONSCIOUSNESS In light of the many facets of healing & helping that vibrate around Austin Texas, myself & my dear friend Corinne Welder of...

Intro to Seven Chakras

~Intro to the Seven Major Chakras: Empowerment through Information~   So many of Moon Mantra’s blend concepts come from the realm of Chakric Healing. So, I thought it would be fun and helpful to talk a little about the Chakras. I want to give you an overview of them...

Creating Pain Relieving Massage Oils

So, I’d like to talk a little about how I create the pain-relieving massage oil infusions. Oil infusions are a great way to apply the healing properties of flowers & herbs topically to your body. You can create an infusion with any flower or herb that you like, just...


Welcome to Moon Mantra’s new website! I am honored and excited to bring you this unique type of natural healing. My name is Jade Oglesby and I live in Austin, Texas. I have always been inspired and intrigued by nature’s amazing way of creating healing components;...

Happy Customers

'During an emergency c-section, I applied Moon Mantra's Heart Chakra blend to the nervous & exhausted mother. She immediately calmed down looked at me and said 'everything is going to be ok'...... the power of aromatherapy over the mind & nervous system is amazing! Jade, you are doing important work!'
Cat McGrath, Midwife
'I love using Moon Mantra oils in my acupuncture practice. Jade infuses each oil with her healing energy giving them the qualities of being both subtle and powerful.'
Corinne Welder, Dragon Blossom Acupuncture